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Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week

Jan. 26 & Jan 27th  Go to mass in your school uniform and get a NUT slip after mass.

Jan. 27th.  Bring a new family to the Open House at school from 12pm-2pm

Jan. 28th  Praying for everyone in our Community and making blankets for new babies and others in need.

Jan. 29th  D.E.A.R. day  Drop everything and read.  Classes will be paired up to read together and the teachers will roam to another classroom to teach.

Jan. 30th CC Sharing Day.  All of LCSS will be at CC for mass today.  Make sure you drop your child off at CC in the am and not here at school.  Check in with Mrs. Bullock to let her know you are there.  Bring a can food!

Jan. 31st Spirit NUT day.  Rambler Rivalry Day!!! Wear red and white.

Feb. 1st  NUT day.  St. Lawrence Movie Theater in the afternoon.

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