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Catholic School Week Agenda

Catholic School Week Agenda

SATURDAY/SUNDAY – Jan. 30 – 31 Joyful in Our Parish

  • Weekend Masses: Our Catholic School students will be active participants in the Masses as lectors, gift bearers, ushers and greeters. ALL students (whether they have a part in the Mass or not) are asked to wear their uniforms to Mass. Each child wearing a uniform, including CC students, will be handed a NUT Slip after Mass to be used on Feb. 9th.      Feb. 8 for CC.
  • Multicultural Festival – Central Catholic 1:00 – 4:00pm   Come help celebrate the cultural richness and diversity of our community!

MONDAY – Feb. 1– Joyful in Our Community

  • All School Prayer Service – Year of Mercy
  • Notes of appreciation will be sent to the community, parents, and volunteers for their special contributions to our school.
  • E.A.R. Day – Drop Everything and Read. Classes will be paired up to read together. A treat will be delivered.

TUESDAY – Feb. 2 – Joyful for our Students     NUT Day!

  • E.A.R. Day – Drop Everything And Ramble. Teachers will roam out of their classrooms and into another where they will teach for 30 minutes.
  • 2:15pm – whole school will stop for a fun Brain Break – Go Noodle!

WEDNESDAY –Feb. 3- Joyful in Our Catholic School Family

  • Sharing Day at Central Catholic. Students are to be dropped off at Central Catholic at the south Jr. High Entrance. We will be taking buses back to school. The entire Lafayette Catholic Schools community, over 1000 strong, will gather at CC for Mass @ 9:00am. All are invited! The elementary student classes will be paired with a class from CC. Please bring food item for Tippecanoe Food Pantry.

THURSDAY – Feb. 4- Joyful with Our Faculty & Staff                        

              Spirit NUT Day

  • Faculty and Staff will be treated to lunch!
  • Rambler Rivalry – Spirit Day All students may be out of uniform if they are wearing Red and White!   Points are earned all day from various academic and fun activities. Grand finale will be an Airplane Flight Challenge!   All the points will be tallied and the grand winner will be announced. The winning class will receive the coveted Rambler Rivalry Trophy!

FRIDAY – Feb. 5- Joyful with Family & Friends

  • St. Lawrence Movie Theater will open in the afternoon for all grades.

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