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Box Top Contest Ending Feb. 10

Box Top Contest Ending Feb. 10


St. Lawrence is still collecting BoxTops!  The program is changing over to digital, but we are still collecting both paper BoxTops (until they are phased out) and digital BoxTops.

For the paper BoxTops, clip them off of the products and put them in a sandwich baggie, include your family name and teachers on a slip of paper in the baggie.  Please watch expiration dates, we can only submit those BoxTops with an expiration date of 03/01/20 or later.

For the digital BoxTops, download the BoxTop$ for Education app, in the App Store or Google Play, it’s available for both Apple and Android.  Select St. Lawrence Elementary School in Lafayette to support.  You will need to scan your receipt within 14 days of purchase date for the school to receive credit.  Select scan at the bottom, the app will need access to your phone camera.  Take a picture of the receipt, if the receipt is too long, hit section at the bottom after the first picture to take another picture, the app will stitch the two pictures together.  Before hitting submit, click on the Credit button to add your family name, this is the only way we will know who to give credit to.


Valentine’s Party Contest – For the class that turns in the most BoxTops by Monday, February 10, 2020, they will receive something special for their Valentine party.  For those that have already turned in BoxTops since the last contest, we will count those towards this contest.  All students in one family will receive credit for BoxTops turned in.


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