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Astronaut Jerry Ross

Astronaut Jerry Ross

“I can do anything with God’s help.  Make good choices….Do your best….Study hard….Work hard…and don’t give up too easily, because your dream can come true.”

Astronaut Ross had the students point up to God and then to themselves and repeat what he said above.  Awesome!

Jerry Ross grew up in the country near Crown Point.  Back in 1957 he had a seemingly impossible dream – he wanted to go into space.  At a young age, Jerry was always encouraged to learn and try new things.  He never gave up.  His story is one of determination, commitment, and ultimate success beyond belief!   He encouraged each student to think about what they are interested in doing and to work hard to achieve it….but most of all to NEVER give up even with the set backs.  They can do it……just like him!

Thank you to Astronaut Ross and his wife Karen for sharing some incredible accomplishments and an inspiring story.  We loved the video ‘tour’ of the Space Shuttle.  They were even able to play some baseball & football!  And yes, we got to see the bathroom!

One of the students asked him what the coolest thing is that he ever saw in space……he said “ME!”  And we would have to agree!

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