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Alter Server Training

Alter Server Training

Dear Altar Servers and Parents,

I am grateful for everyone who came to our two refresher trainings and the training for new altar servers. This is a very important ministry in the Church, and I am happy that so many are interested!

An Altar Server training/refresher is scheduled for this Sunday, Dec 2nd at 3:30 for those who could not attend the previous trainings.

In order to update all of our scheduling records, I am asking that EVERYONE register their altar server in our new system. Those who filled out the Google Form at the trainings have already completed this. The goal here is to find which Mass is best for your family, as well as to remove anyone from the list who is not able to or does not wish to serve any longer. It should only take you a few moments to complete.

Go here to register your alter server ► Altar Server Registration Form

The deadline for completing the Google Form is DECEMBER 3rd! All changes will go into effect in the January schedule.

Thank you for cooperating. I am excited to continue to build this ministry.

Father Daily

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