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Dear Adorers,
The wait is finally over! The newly-renovated St. Francis Chapel (formerly St. Elizabeth Central Campus) is ready to re-open! We know it has been difficult without perpetual adoration at our beautiful chapel, but we think you will be speechless when you see how stunning the renovations are. Renovations include a vividly-painted ceiling, hard-wood flooring, refurbished Stations of the Cross, removal of the drop-ceiling below the choir loft, a new statue of St. Elizabeth, a new altar, total cleaning of the stained-glass windows, and a re-tuned organ, just to name a few. The substantial financial commitment to the chapel has been incredible, and we are so lucky to be able to adore Christ in this beautiful space.
            We are looking to begin adoration at the chapel again in mid-May of 2022. As soon as we get enough adorers to sign up and commit again to an hour with our Lord, we can begin perpetual adoration. As for now, there are two slots for adorers per hour. We will need all hours filled with at least two adorers in order to make perpetual adoration a reality again. This cannot start until all of the slots are filled.Please consider taking a nightly hour, which can be difficult to fill.
            In the past, there has been a concern about safety in this neighborhood. Please know that Franciscan is serious about the security and safety of adorers. The City of Lafayette plans to install four new street lights to better illuminate the area, and the surrounding walkways leading to the chapel will have new lighting as well. There are more cameras and security guards on duty at all hours in case of a problem. The chapel will only be accessibly by secure access (more information to follow on how this protocol will work). The new walkway to the front entrance of the chapel on 14th Street should make entering and exiting the chapel easier than before.
            Please note that the old sign-up for the chapel (www.lafayetteadoration.org) will take you to the new sign up at https://adorationpro.org/lafayettein. Once there, click on “Weekly Commitment” to sign up for an hour and to become a substitute. Please share this link with as many of your friends and family members that you can and encourage others to sign up to take an hour. Remember: the sooner the hours are filled, the sooner we can re-open the chapel for adoration! Expect further communication regarding reopening plans in the weeks to come, and check your email for messages from Adoration Pro, which is the system we will be using from now on regarding adoration at the Central chapel.
Yours in Christ,
The Lafayette Adoration Board

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