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Bryan Metzger Memorial Legacy Award

Bryan Metzger Memorial Legacy Award

Today, we were the recipients of the 2021 Bryan Metzger Memorial Legacy Award presented by Mrs. Cindy Metzger, Ouibache Music Festival representatives Scott Freeman, President/CEA and Mr. Mark Molter and First Merchants Bank representative Mark Molter.

The Ouibache Music Festival Bryan Metzger Memorial Legacy Award is a monetary award given to the community from the proceeds of the Ouibache Music Festival. Each year OMF gives an award to help preserve the virtues and values of traditional music in Tippecanoe and surrounding counties in Indiana.   

Star City News and WLFI were here to video tape the presentation – be sure to watch the news tonight!  You can go to the Ouibache Music Festival website below and find the announce there.


2021 Bryan Metzger Memorial Legacy Award
Congratulations to St. Lawrence School on being selected as the 2021 Bryan Metzger Legacy Award winner.

Their commitment to music education and the pursuit of excellence is a hallmark of all great music programs.

Ouibache is proud to present the 2021 award to help purchase a contra bass.

The presentation will be on March 3rd at 1:00 pm at St. Lawrence School in Lafayette, IN.

Portions of our application: “Funds from the award would be used to purchase contra bass bars used in kindergarten and lower elementary music education as well as an aid in the upper levels.  As a proponent of Orff and Kodaly music methods, I find the bass bars to be valuable in helping younger children determine the beat because they are appropriately sized for optimal benefit.  Early elementary students benefit due to the fact that the larger size helps with the coordination challenges that come with smaller bass bars.  Upper elementary students would also benefit from contra bass in that they help cultivate a sense of harmonic rhythm since the I,IV, and V chords are emphasized from the bass notes.  Properly used Orff instruments greatly enhance the musical education of those involved.”

We are so appreciative and thankful in receiving this Memorial.  Music enriches our lives and many areas of education….more than we realize.  And think about how music can make you feel!!  So take today to be mindful of the music that surrounds you.  How many times do you find a song popping in your head that you starting humming?      Simply put, research has shown that children learn better when music is part of their lives!  And it’s an area that certain students can shine in.  COVID has put a damper on singing, but Mr. Wells has gotten so creative in other ways to have students participate during music class.  But when the day comes that we can get back to singing, it will be a JOYfilled day!  I truly miss walking in the halls and hearing the delightful sound of voices and instruments…along with laughs and giggles coming up from the music room! AND to be able to worship and sing at Mass!  That will be a wonderful day!!

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