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The weather may be an issue on Thursday (2/13/2020), so the teachers are sending the iPads home today with all students. If we do NOT have an eLearning Day, please make sure the iPads come back to school on Thursday.

Below are some helpful reminders in case we DO have an eLearning Day:

  • eLearning lessons will be available by 9:30 a.m.
  • The first thing to do is to click on the ATTENDANCE so your child’s attendance is counted.
  • The younger children will need adults to help them with directions and possibly to log in. Teachers have instructed all students of their expectations.
  • All work is to be completed and turned in the next day in order to count as a day of school attendance.
  • Please keep iPads in the backpack when not in use so it is returned the next day to school. Students are not on the iPads all day long, just for short lessons and to watch their teacher’s video with instructions.
  • Please email the teacher with any questions.
  • We appreciate your assistance in making our eLearning Day a success!

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